Finding the Right Bong For You From Head Shop

Types of bongs from head shop

Source: Gea Seeds

Any experienced stoner would be aware that there are numerous equipment and accessories which can be used to make the experience more pleasurable. These include dab rigs, concentrate pipes, bubblers and glass bongs. Accessories like bongs are also perfect for beginners because the smoke they produce is less irritating to the throat when compared to other smoking methods. They are available in a variety of designs and materials and this can make it confusing to choose the right product suiting your needs and preferences. Here is a quick guide to help you make the process easier. 

There are two primary factors that come into play when choosing the right product for you – the environment in which you will use it and your budget. How much you are willing to spend affects the choice of the bong material as the material has a great effect on the price of it. The environment of use affects the portability and size of the equipment. If you are going to buy for the first time, you should also look at your lung capacity. Don’t buy a too tall piece or one with too many percs as it will not satisfy you. If you are never going to fill the whole chamber with smoke, you will never make the most out of the purchase. Alternatively, if you fill the chamber and don’t clear it in a single hit, you get less fresh smoke. 

The most popular are sold at online head shop are either made out of wood, acrylic or glass. While acrylic is the perfect choice for newbies, glass pieces suit more experienced users. Acrylic is constructed using plastic and feature rubber or metal downstems and they are quite durable and inexpensive. They come in attractive designs and look stylish. Glass products are the simplest to clean and maintain and don’t create fumes. They also include attachments like ash catchers, bowls and percs and add to the cost. 

One of the most important things you should consider while purchasing it is the thickness of the glass. Thicker glass gives better durability but it depends on how you care for it. If you plan carrying it to other places, you should go for thick glass. You can explore a wide variety of thickness options for it at online head shop like ItsPrimo. Another factor worth considering is joint sizes which come in two options – 14 and 18 mm. The idea is to select the size that gives comfort. 

Lastly, you can consider add-ons which can enhance your experience with it. An Ice Pinch can hold the ice to keep the smoke cool while an Ash Catcher provides an additional level of filtration by catching the ash the bong produces. Another add-on is a splash guard which helps block the dirty water from entering the mouth. A percolator also works to cool down the smoke to make it less harsh. A lot of it includes such add-ons when you buy them and help you enjoy a more refined experience

Apart from glass products, you can choose from ceramic pieces which often come in artistic designs. Choosing the right product is an important decision which involves reviewing the options available to find the best one serving your needs.